Litter picking has helped a Fulwood man turn his life around after suffering from health issues.

After multiple diagnoses, Richard Simpson’s, 65, health problems stopped him being able to work full-time.

He said: “I have tried NHS physios, chiropractors, acupuncturists, all for nothing but deteriorating day by day, not being able to work full time or claim any help or benefits.”

After multiple visits with the NHS Richard was drawn to litter picking as “the quantity of litter” was “staggering”.

He now throws himself into volunteering to help with his symptoms.

He said: “The NHS should prescribe litter picking. It’s better than pumping iron and static cycling in a gym.”

Richard has been volunteering with the ‘Sheffield Litter Pickers’, a group of volunteers who meet regularly to clean the streets of Sheffield.

When he began litter picking with the group, Richard felt he “turned a corner” and “his life started to improve.”

Whilst litter picking around Sheffield he has found many items which he has then up-cycled. One of them being a satellite dish he turned into a birdbath.

He said: “The whole climate change problem makes us feel powerless, so while it’s not much or enough litter picking does make you feel like you are doing something.

“If we don’t speak up, nothing will change.”