The Green Party declined The Fulwood Post’s request for an interview

Additional words by Oliver Mooney

Green Party candidate Natalie Thomas has put the climate emergency at the top of her agenda if elected for Sheffield Hallam on Thursday.

Ms Thomas is the final candidate The Fulwood Post is previewing in the runup to the election.

Speaking after her nomination in September, Ms Thomas said:  “All the world over, we face a climate emergency. The time has come when this needs to be at the forefront of all political decision-making.

“I’m a mother and a grandmother, standing up for all our generations’ futures.

“Enough is enough of this chaos. We need clarity and a fair contest. I’m calling for a People’s Vote on Brexit. Young people should not have fewer freedoms and opportunities than their parents enjoyed.”

“But this starts at home. I will also be a local Hallam MP, acting on everyday issues as well as restoring the link to Parliament.”

The Green Party is pledging to invest £100bn a year until 2030 into making the country more environmentally sustainable. Transport will use greener energy and HS2 would be cancelled. The party would also look to retrofit homes and create energy from them.

On crime, misogyny would be made a hate crime personal use of drugs, including some Class A substances, would be made legal.

In education, Ofsted would be scrapped and replaced with a “collaborative system of assessing” schools. A new law would be introduced to teach children about climate change.

Tuition fees for university students would be abolished and those who paid £9,000 previously would have their debt wiped.

In health, privatisation of the NHS would also be scrapped and mental health care would be put on “equal footing” with physical care.

Ms Thomas said: “In the 1990s, I stood on the front line to save our country’s landscape against open-cast mines and the road-building programme.

“I now work as a practitioner supporting women to overcome trauma in their lives and helping them move forward. I understand the need for a person-centred approach. When residents of Hallam need it most, I can be a tough, experienced and effective advocate.”

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