Independent candidate for Sheffield Hallam Liz Aspden has declared that vote splitting is for the other parties to worry about come election day.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Ms Aspden said: “I don’t think vote splitting is for me to worry about, that’s up for the parties to up their game.

“I am realistic about my chances of winning, I can’t compete with the big parties in terms of canvassing, but I am arranging a series of drop-in meetings around the constituency where people can meet me.”

Ms Aspden said that it was a last-minute decision to stand after being convinced by friends to put her name forward.

She said: “I think a lot of people feel politically homeless and the main parties are getting polarised – they’re not really focusing on the people on the ground.

On the issue of Brexit, the independent candidate said that she would go to the people before deciding her stance.

Ms Aspden said: “I voted remain, but I was happy to accept the other side won. I don’t think any result is going to make either side happy. If elected, I would go back to my constituents to consult them to inform the next steps I took in parliament.”

Other elements Ms Aspden is passionate about include promoting local business and improving public transport.

She added: “I am keen to look at homelessness, addiction and domestic violence and how those people can be supported.”

A key issue in Sheffield in the last month has been the severe flooding across South Yorkshire.

Ms Aspden said: “We were told back in 2007 that the flooding was a once in a generation occurrence. The flood defences need to be looked at in the Moorlands. I would have liked to have seen a quicker and more compassionate response from the central government.”

Liz Aspden has previously been featured in the media after an incident in West Street Live with Jared O’Mara in 2017.

Ms Aspden said: “I think the stuff with Jared was quite a while ago and has not influenced my decision to stand at all. I can see why people think it is quite ironic that I am standing in his seat.”

The Fulwood Post will be bringing you more from all the candidates in Sheffield Hallam, continuing tomorrow with Labour’s Olivia Blake.

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