Nursing staff at Sheffield Children’s hospital have said the parent facilities on Ward Six need changing to accommodate sick children and their families.

The 13-bed facility currently offers a bed for parents to sleep at their child’s side.

However, the nurses say with the fundraising on the ward they hope they can get bigger suites to give families more comfort.

Hannah Richardson, a bone marrow transplant nurse on the unit, said: “The facilities that we have are just not as up to date as other centres.

“We have a lot of children that come from all over the country where the centres are a lot more up to date.

“We do get comments on it quite frequently, especially from parents who would like the ward to be updated and also about the teenage facilities.

“Even though we have people coming back to us often the surroundings of the ward just aren’t great.”


Liz Purnell, ward manager, said: “Parents can stay next to their child on small beds but we are looking at funds to improve those at the moment. They can also stay at charity PaCT house.

“They provide rooms off-site but patients often want to stay with their parents and currently those facilities just aren’t good enough.”

The unit is working alongside the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity to raise funds for a new upgrade, estimated to cost £2.75 million.

“At the moment we’re getting the ward painted, each door will be a different colour of the rainbow and those little things really do make a big difference”: she added.

To find out more about the ward update and how you can donate, go to the Children’s Hospital website: