A campaign to raise £2.75 million for the Cancer and Leukaemia ward at Sheffield Children’s Hospital was launched today.

The Bears of Sheffield campaign aims to help rebuild some of the wards and make it more comfortable for the critically ill children and their families.

The appeal is part of a much wider £14.75 million for the Children’s Hospital which includes the emergency department and a helipad.

Catherine Foster, Trusts fundraising manager for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity said: “The level of care the patients currently receive at this hospital is second to none but the condition of the ward is a little outdated and it does not necessarily meet the needs of the patients.

“The aim is to rebuild ward isolation suites and have them overlooking Western park, which is a more beautiful and scenic view for the patients and families, who can end up staying in hospital for months at a time.”

The charity is hoping with the money they raise from the appeal they are also able to create adequate sleeping facilities for parents who stay over as well as en suite bathrooms, to ensure more privacy.

The charity is also raising money for two other appeals which include a £4.5 million expansion and redevelopment of the emergency department.

Ms Foster said: “The emergency department is designed to see 32,000 annually now we are seeing in excess 60,000 annually and it can literally be standing room only at certain parts of the day.

“We are major trauma centre for the region and we can have anywhere up to 15 clinicians looking after 1 critically ill child at one time so these can be quite cramped conditions.

“We’re hoping to get a dedicated CT suite in ED and designated plaster room too.”

The £6 million charity appeal for the Helipad is so the hospital is able to move critically ill patients directly from the helipad into the emergency department, as they are currently landing in Western Park with patients being stretchered into the hospital.

The Bears will be across the city centre from July 2020.

To find out more about the Bears of Sheffield campaign and how to donate can be found on the Children’s Hospital website: https://www.tchc.org.uk/appeal/cancer-ward/