One hundred and forty-one houses across Sheffield have swapped Halloween decorations for window displays full of ‘Love’ and ‘Hope’.

For many people the week of Halloween can be a time of fear, leaving them frightened to open their doors and worrying about tricks being played on their houses.

The Streets of Light Trial, created by STC Sheffield instead aims to shine light onto the streets of Sheffield as an alternative to the darkness of Halloween.

This year every window must have the words ‘Light’ or ‘Love’ somewhere in the window display andĀ  avoid including anything ‘frightening’ or ‘scary’.

The houses taking part will be lit up from 4.30-9pm each night, until November the 3rd and trail maps areĀ  available online here for you to make your way around Sheffield, enjoying the creative windows.

Here are just a few from our walk around Crookes.