An interactive ‘Treat map’ is making Halloween safer for trick-or-treaters and residents in Crookes.

The Nextdoor app allows houses to mark themselves as participating in Halloween activities, and has been a hit with residents.

Jodie Zephyr, a parent from Crookes said: “I’m a parent. We don’t knock if there aren’t decorations. It’s really easy and simple and you don’t need to be literate to use this system.”

Being able to mark your home as non-participating, for some residents, is a huge relief.

One resident of Hallam Grange Road said: “Personally I hate Halloween and everything associated with it. I would definitely support a system that showed houses that are up for it.

“It’s a relief to know there won’t be as many people knocking this year due to the app.”

The creators of the app at Nextdoor said: “It’s also a great tool to know which neighbours would rather not be disturbed, allowing you to be aware of who you scare on Halloween night, ensuring a fun and safe night for all.”

The app also allows parents and guardians to plan trick-or-treating routes for their children to follow.

Many parents also praised another way of helping trick-or-treaters this year – the use of blue buckets and bags by those with autism.

The idea behind the colour change is to signify to others that the trick-or-treater may have specific or different needs.

The blue trend first kicked off in America, but has now spread to the UK on social media.