A Fulwood councillor has labelled the council a ‘disgrace’ for the length of time it has taken to publish its Local Plan.

The plan was originally meant to be published in 2013 but has been delayed so that Sheffield is still currently working to a Unitary Development Plan of 1998 and the Core Strategy Plan of 2009.

Councillor Andrew Sangar, Liberal Democrat, said: “We are very frustrated that the plan has taken so many years. It’s left the planning committee having to make decisions on the previous plan from 20 years ago.

“Sheffield has been without a plan for seven or eight years now, it is a disgrace the council has taken so long to produce it.”

Back in April, The Campaign to Protect Rural England released a map detailing a ‘green belt’ of areas of Sheffield countryside that were under threat from being built upon for housing.

Fulwood is one of the designated areas on the Sheffield Green Belt, but Cllr Sangar was not worried about development on the area.

He said: “We are not against all development. There is Fulwood House with a large site and car park that we expect to be turned into housing. We are not against houses in Fulwood, but they have to be on sites that are sustainable. We don’t need to concrete over our very special green spaces.

“It’s really important that the city works as a whole. There is a need for new housing in Sheffield. It is very important we build on brownfield sites first”, he said.

Cllr Sangar also added that the climate emergency should be the driving force in the Local Plan.

He said: “We currently have a quota with around 10% of energy needs by new homes need to met by renewable energy, it needs to be much more ambitious like 25%.

“We need to encourage people to move to electric vehicles by building charging points or homes in walking distance of the City Centre.”

Councillor Julie Dore did not respond to The Fulwood Post’s request for comment.