Popular Sheffield music venue and bar The Harley reopened last night after a six month takeover period.

The bar, which is at the bottom of Glossop Road, abruptly closed in April, to the shock of many people in Sheffield but has since been taken back over by Mitchell and Butler and their brand High Street.

Claire Simpson, 51, General Manager, said: “We have invested money into a business that’s creating jobs, not just a bit of money but £1m and it’s created 35 jobs.

“Then if you include the contracts we have with cleaners, groundsmen, DJ’s, bands and door supervisors, it’s a lot more in the bigger picture, that input into the local economy is great.”

The reopening of the venue has drawn scepticism from some local people and The Harley regulars who went to the launch on Thursday evening.

Tanya Dennis, 46, of Sharrow said: “I wanted to come down to get a feel for the new place and I’m just not sure it will be the same again. It looks different but it’s promising similar vibes so I have my fingers crossed my favourite bar in Sheffield will go back to its glory days.”

Jake Simmons, a 21-year-old student disagrees however and said: “I think it’s getting too much criticism too soon, it’s reopened and although it’s been done up a bit, it’s still going to bring about Indie music.”

In response, Claire said: “Obviously the new bar isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, not everyone is going to like it but it did close for a reason.

“Venues don’t close because they are doing fantastically well and that’s the sad fact.

“You see so many pubs close and they end up looking like a derelict building and that’s exactly what it looked like here, it was really sad to watch.”